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Smoking helps to reduce weight?

Today I want discuss on the possibility of losing weight by smoking.

Dear readers; please bear in mind that smoking was, is and will be harmful to health.

I made a cool research on Blu-e-ciagarettes or better known as bluecigs. Yes; the slim pack is beautiful and impressive. Logo on the pack glows as soon as you open and blinks for nearly 30 seconds even after closing. An attractive pack indeed.

Manufacturers of bluecigs say that they have charging indicators that are located at the side of the pack. This is mainly to increase the feed back and functioning of the e-cigarettes, they say. Knowing the charge level in cigarettes is always important. And there is a blue indicator bar showing the charge level. User should always remember that more the bars are lit, maximum the charge remains.

Pack size:
While deciding on the pack size, makers of bluecig made sure their product will not differ from traditional paper cigarette. The pack size is:
Height: 3.71”- Width: 2.24”- Depth: .95”. Yes normal size indeed.

Smoking helps in reducing weight?

Strange but true; four out of 10 smokers say they have lost weight and largely due to smoking. I had a lengthy discussion with a doctor friend of mine on this issue and discovered few interesting issues.

We all know that nicotine forms large part of a cigarette. Consuming nicotine will help in controlling appetite and balanced appetite naturally controls the human body weight.

Even doctors from another school of thought opine that tobacco smoking and body metabolism have something to do with each other. Compared to non-smoker, a regular smoker stays away from junk food! And this alone will help in controlling metabolism.

Even most of the smokers do not consume food at irregular intervals!

Joshua, a close family friend of mine recalled how his latest girl friend accepted his e smoking!

“She use to make faces and hate talking to me (Yes; only talking) after I puffed traditional paper cigarette. But now she likes the menthol smell that emits from my mouth,” he says happily and refuses to make what happened next!

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  1. p. jensen says:

    I’m so over smoking blu cigs…… they work for a very short time… half of the cartridges don’t work…. the batteries um they’re horrible….. I I have had to exchange and return 5 batteries over the last year…. yes I have quit smoking…. but the Blue Cigarettes absolutely in make me crazy….work then not work…..

  2. I tried the electronic cigarettes my self , I read up on them , they are more harmful then cigarettes if anything just get the the blu , it cost ten dollars last about a week or so

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