7’s Electronic Cigarette Review

If you are deciding to jump to e cigarette from traditional paper cigarette, chose those e cigarettes which have longer duration for their batteries. Otherwise you may not love them. Better the kits, better the performance. Better performance will be the result of good and safe engineering. Safety should be always preferred, particularly during beginning days.

Dear ones, today I am talking one such safe e cigarette in the market; it is 7’s Electronic Cigarette.

Makers of 7’s Electronic Cigarette claim that their e cigarette is special with its ‘Enhanced Vapor Production’ and typical menthol flavors. Our menthol flavor is different from others, they claim.

Further, the makers say that the specially made hybrid blank cartridges last long than any other normal e cigarette in the market. In fact, their duration longs nearly 3.5 times more than the other e cigarettes, they say.

So buy one today and enjoy the long and relaxed puffing!

Different kits:

The kits are different. I agree that the makers of 7’s Electronic Cigarette really tried their best in bringing out a different, unique kit. If you ask me how different and better they are, the answer is simple. The kits are designed with fail safe system that perfectly monitors the battery and cleanly manages heat vents.

And they contain:

– 15ml Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles of 7’s E-Liquids
– A/C Wall Adapter for USB Cord
– USB Cord
– Hybrid 650mAh Batteries (1000+ Puffs on 1 Charge)
– Cone Adapter (for use with 7’s Pre-filled Micro Cartomizers)

7s power key for chain smokers:

E cigarettes have shorter duration compared to traditional ones; No says the company!

Good news for chain smokers. The 7s power kit is specially made for you. In this kit the battery has 275 puffs and you can smoke at least 25-30 cigarettes using them. Indeed a long puff; is it not? Also it includes; Tobacco Flavored High Cartomizers, Compartmental Storage Box, quare Personal Charging Hard Case, 1 USB Cord, Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries with Amber LED and A/C Wall Charger


Like any other traditional cigarettes, e cigarettes have nicotine in them. Persons of the age 18 and above only should purchase or smoke them. We do not recommend either traditional cigarette or e cigarette for those who are ailing with heart related problems.

We definitely are against passive smoking hence recommend e cigarette as it emits less smoke and vapor. Happy smoking

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    This battery operated cigarette is an amazing device, designed to replicate the effects of smoking both in design and purpose.
    Users report that they feel better, have an easier time breathing and even have more energy after they quit traditional cigarettes and
    use e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are those cigarettes that are run through
    electricity and they can be recharged if their battery gets low.

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