AlternaCig- Cheapest eCig Starter Kit

Have you decided to enter into the world of alternative smoking? If so, let me congratulate for taking the right decision. Next, you want to experience the good stuff without spending too much, right? Great Introducing AleternaCig! For less than $30 you can buy Alterna and try it risk free for 30 days. It is […]

VeppoCig- e cigs that fits to your personal needs

Looking for an e cig that fits into your personal needs and preferences? Just buy VeppoCig. Makers of VeppoCig claim that they have reached the customers need and expectation.

Mirage : Daddy of all e cigs in UK

A lot of e cigs in the market and confusing is it not? I thought it is time to study some of the old e cig players and learn their performances, feed backs and sales. By doing this, at least I will get an idea how these old players are doing in the market.

ProVape e cig-Don’t Change or Recharge Battery!

ProVape is one of top selling US made e cigs in the market. They are different in designs and I can assure you that ProVape is definitely a smoker friendly e cig. Also they have a tiny e cig which runs on a one-charge battery!

Liberty Six- No Nicotine Solution Leakage

Let me tell you one thing. Greatest advantage of buying Liberty six e cig is that you need not worry on the nicotine solution leakages. This leakage is a common problem among many popular e cigs in the market.

Victory eCig- No Throat Problem

Unfortunately, Victory e cigs do not have wide variety of flavors. But their menthol flavor is best selling one and that too without tar!

ecigBrand – Free Trial Scam Warning

Have a look at these complaints againt; 100’s customers have already expressed their anger, frustration and annoyance caused by this company. A classic case of free trial scam

Henley ecigs – Few Unique Features

First few puffs of Henley e cig will give you the feel of a light tobacco cigarette. But as you chug on, many last puffs will comfort you with its thick nicotine flavor and deep tobacco mixed liquid taste.

Vapor Couture-Complete She-e cig for women

I am disappointed with the prices that Vapor Couture is quoting. They are really expensive and I don’t think every woman can afford for it. They have three starter kit with attractive cartomizers and batteries.

Volcanoecigs-volcano smoke kick

When comes to flavors, makers of Volcanoecigs are really unique. Other than common flavors like menthol and nicotine, they offer rare flavors like Aloha Apple, Blue Water Punch, Bonzai Banana, Carry Lava, Chocolate Kaze, Coocoo Coconut, Cotton Candy, Grape Escape (Not Great Escape!), Vanilla Bean and Kona Coffee.