Beware- Ecig Has Carcinogens!

How better and safe are ecigs from paper cigarettes? Extensive researches made by experts from the field of health and tobacco has unanimously agreed on one thing. Ecigs have carcinogens; the substances that lead to cancer.

AlternaCig- Cheapest eCig Starter Kit

Have you decided to enter into the world of alternative smoking? If so, let me congratulate for taking the right decision. Next, you want to experience the good stuff without spending too much, right? Great Introducing AleternaCig! For less than $30 you can buy Alterna and try it risk free for 30 days. It is […]

VeppoCig- e cigs that fits to your personal needs

Looking for an e cig that fits into your personal needs and preferences? Just buy VeppoCig. Makers of VeppoCig claim that they have reached the customers need and expectation.

Now, it is nicotine less e cigarettes!

This new e cig has no nicotine, tobacco, smoke or tar When kids, influenced by the smokers, we made paper roles and lit them. The thick but unhealthy smoke full filled our dreams of ‘smoking’. Grown old, I started smoking and it took me to a doctor last year. The unabated smoking for 25 years […]

E cig Market Touches $ 2 Billion Mark

Yes; market of electronic cigarettes or popularly known as e cigs have crossed $US 2 billion globally. And the growth is expected to be more than one fold during first 10 months of the year 2013. A detailed study by Euromonitor International ( says that the smokeless cigarette will definitely conquer more place in global […]

Study Finds Smokeless Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes

E Cig better for heart? Read this E cig is definitely environment friendly cigarette: Lynda School kids are liking it more: Health director (concern) Lot of talks is happening on e cigs, its believed ability to help smokers to quit smoking and ‘heartily friend’ campaign. All smokers agree that e cigs are far better than […]

Mirage : Daddy of all e cigs in UK

A lot of e cigs in the market and confusing is it not? I thought it is time to study some of the old e cig players and learn their performances, feed backs and sales. By doing this, at least I will get an idea how these old players are doing in the market.

ProVape e cig-Don’t Change or Recharge Battery!

ProVape is one of top selling US made e cigs in the market. They are different in designs and I can assure you that ProVape is definitely a smoker friendly e cig. Also they have a tiny e cig which runs on a one-charge battery!

Liberty Six- No Nicotine Solution Leakage

Let me tell you one thing. Greatest advantage of buying Liberty six e cig is that you need not worry on the nicotine solution leakages. This leakage is a common problem among many popular e cigs in the market.

Victory eCig- No Throat Problem

Unfortunately, Victory e cigs do not have wide variety of flavors. But their menthol flavor is best selling one and that too without tar!